Our fully equipped functional fitness center will give you maximum calorie burn in a safe, supportive, and fun environment. We accommodate all ages and fitness levels. Enjoy unique classes like Palangi+ Signature Kickboxing, TabataBells, Kettlebell Training, Spin45, GoRow and more!




Palangi+ Signature Kickboxing classes offer you the opportunity to relieve stress and learn a new skill while you get a full body workout. Kickboxing will help you gain strength, confidence, agility, and burn calories. Learn the moves before you take class with a Certified Trainer in your own personalized 1:1 Intro Class. 


A healthy body is a strong body. More muscular disposition creates a metabolically faster, stronger, and functional body. Increase your endurance, strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness. Perform functional strength and conditioning movements with bodyweight, barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells and more in the gym, 1:1 personal training, and in group classes. 


Building strength and increasing cardiovascular conditioning is very important, but we often leave out another essential component: calming the mind and stretching our muscles. Palangi+ Restorative Yoga classes welcome all levels, giving you the chance to repair and restore your muscles, as well as giving you a chance to unwind and calm and mind. 


"Palangi has changed my life. It helped me take my life into my own hands and literally become my very own success story. Not only have I gained 100% more confidence in myself, but I was able to lose 65lbs, going from a 14 to a 4 in under 8 months!"


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