Welcome to the 2019 16 Week Challenge!


We are SO excited to start our next 16 week challenge, and to add you to our list of many fit and successful transformations! On this page, you will find up to date information regarding our policies for classes, child care, gear, and other FAQs.

OPEN DOOR HOURS: M-F: 5am-7am; 8am-12pm;2pm-8pm. SA: 8am-11am. SU: 9am-11:30am. 24/7 ACCESS IS AVAILABLE - ONE TIME FOB FEE $40


There are a couple reasons the system will ask you to pay:

  1. You have exceeded your daily or weekly class allowance. Want more classes? You have 3 options:

    A. Purchase a class individually

    B. Purchase a 10 class pass

    C. Purchase a 20 class pass

  2. You account resets every 30 days, so if you’re trying to book into the next month, it will not let you.

  3. You did not pay for a late cancel/no show/another payment didn’t go through.

  4. You did not sign your waivers/agreements.


  • Did you create a plan? Download the Palangi+ Smart Start Kit to view exclusive Palangi member info - shopping list, goal setting sheets and more!

  • Are you a part of the 16WC? Download your FitSmart Meal Plan asap! Plans are available on your sign up paperwork.

  • Book your classes! See directions below.

  • JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP - this will be my fastest and easiest way to contact you all. I’ll post motivation, recipes, and more!

  • 16WC’ers - Your week runs from Sunday-Saturday , you need 3 classes between that time frame.

  • Turn your EMAIL notifications to ON in the app! This is how I communicate with you! When there is a change, when class is canceled, when we add a class, etc.

  • Join our FitSmart Palangi Plus Challenge facebook group!


  • 16WC TIER 1 MEMBERS: Tier 1 members can access 3 classes per week. The following classes are accessible with this package: All 16WC Intro Classes, any beginner classes, Cardio Kickboxing, Kickboxing Style II, Kettlebell Basic Bells, TabataBells**, Palangi+ Spinning*, all Yoga classes, Strength Training and Conditioning, TRX Circuits, Spin N TRX, and Spin N Core.

  • 16WC TIER 2 MEMBERS: Tier 2 members can access 6 classes per week. The following classes are accessible with this package: All 16WC Intro Classes, any beginner classes, Cardio Kickboxing, Kickboxing Style II, Kettlebell Basic Bells, TabataBells**, Palangi+ Spinning*, all Yoga classes, Strength Training and Conditioning, TRX Circuits, Spin N TRX, and Spin N Core.

*Palangi+ Spinning can be taken once you attend 3 Beginner Spinning classes. **TabataBells can be taken once you attend 5 Basic Bells Classes.


  • You are required to sign up for class in advance for equipment reservations, coach preparation, and for your safety.

  • You can book classes up to 30 days in advance, and with as little as 4 hours prior to the class start time.

  • The following month will open on the 25th of the current month. i.e. On January 25th, the entire month of February will be open for booking.

  • Remember that your success relies on consistency, organization, and being prepared. Booking a class is like scheduling a meeting with your boss - you DON’T miss it!

  • For safety reasons, there is no admittance 10 minutes after any class begins.


  • Download the Palangi Plus App from the App Store or Google Play, or visit our class schedule website page.

  • Create a login or login with your existing account (should have been done the day you signed up. CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS.)

  • Click “16WC INTRO CLASSES” for all Intro Classes from January 1st - January 5th.

  • To sign up for all classes January 6th and after, click “ALL GROUP CLASSES”. All group classes will be provided here.


  • There are 2 ways to check in:

    1. You can check in using your app! Simply go to the “my schedule” tab on the bottom, choose the “upcoming services” tab at the top, and all upcoming classes and appointments will be listed. Choose the next class or appointment to sign in for, and click the 3 dots lined up on the righthand side. You will see both options to either check in or cancel your booked class.

    This option is only available up until the moment class starts. For example, if class starts at 9am, the app will allow you to check in until 8:59am. Otherwise you'll need to check in using option 2. 

    2. You can also check in on the iPad at the front desk to the left when you enter the gym. Scroll down to your class, click “Attendance List”, and click “Check In” next to your name.

    ****If you did not schedule your class in advance, (although required, it of course happens - if you can make it, get in here! Better to show and try to get to class than not) there will be a "add yourself" button. Please use that option. 


  • Classes will LOCK 4 hours prior to the class start time. This means that we canNOT make any changes 4 hours or less before class. Any cancelation under 4 hours will be considered a “late cancel” and will result in a $5 fee. Any no shows will also result in a $5 fee. You will also lose the class from your week. In order to make up a class, you will need to contact Joanna directly in person.

  • IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY - please call or text Joanna directly - 201.403.8827. Emergencies do not include traffic. Traffic exists every day and you need to plan accordingly.

  • PARKING - our lot is privately owned and is free, however, it is shared by other businesses and can be full at peak hours. PLAN ACCORDINGLY. The town’s municipal lot is available for use for only $.25 and is free after 6pm on the weeknights. It should be free on the weekends (don’t quote me there) but you should not need it. Do NOT park at Rios. Do NOT park at the apartment building or in people’s driveways. Do NOT park where it says DO NOT PARK. Yes, this happens all the time.

  • SEVERE or UNSAFE WEATHER - In the case of a severe snow storm or unsafe weather conditions, our late cancelation and no show policy will be void. All class notifications, changes, and cancelations will be announced through social media, the app, email and text. MAKE SURE YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ARE TURNED ON!


  • We offer a waitlist for every class. If the class is filled, you can add yourself to the waitlist. If a spot opens, you will receive a notification immediately. We feel that a 4 hour locking policy will give anyone who is waitlisted sufficient time to make a class.

  • You MUST approve your waitlist placement. You will only be added to the class upon approval so you MUST have your EMAIL notifications set to ON through the app or your account via the website.

  • You will be notified if you are added to the class and you have 60 MINUTES TO CONFIRM!! If you don't confirm in 60, you can still get in BUT the next person in line will get a notification that there is an opening! So what does this mean?! TURN YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ON!!!!

  • Keep a bag in your car packed with gear!


  • You are required to EAT at least 4 hours before each class, especially in the beginning. Staying hydrated in also very important. Try to get down 100oz of water per day. There is no “keeping up” and everyone goes at their own pace, however, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel weak or winded at some time without calories (aka energy) in your system, and proper hydration.

  • Bring water and a sweat towel - a towel is REQUIRED in spin class, and a water is required for EVERY class.

  • KICKBOXING GEAR - you MUST wear hand wraps and CLOSED FIST GLOVES. Fingerless gloves are not allowed. Sneakers are not allowed in the kickboxing class. Martial Arts are performed without shoes, and sneakers will hinder your movements and cause injury. You can purchase affordable and approved gear HERE.

    ***You will not be allowed to participate if you have improper or unsafe gear.

  • ATTIRE - Please wear comfortable and clean workout clothing. Quick dry material is always preferred over cotton items. Everyone should wear deodorant, a comfortable top - tank, tee, or long sleeves, (women - a sports bra is required) and bottoms - shorts, capris, pants, that do NOT drag or get stuck under your feel.

  • CELL PHONE POLICY - all phones MUST be on vibrate or silent unless there is an absolute emergency. There is absolutely no cell phone use allowed during yoga classes.


  • KICKBOXING - Burn 850+ Calories per Class! Palangi+ Signature Kickboxing classes offer you the opportunity to personal growth and empowerment while you learn a way to defend yourself, build your confidence, and burn calories. Kickboxing classes will incorporate strength and resistance training as well as sports conditioning. Every day is different and unique.

  • TRX KICKBOXING - Combine two great fitness methods to build endurance and core strength.

  • SPINNING - Get your miles in, heart rate up, and calories melting off you in these awesome classes! Eclectic tunes and incredible energy will work your body to rock, hip hop, alternative, pop, and 80's as you climb and sprint! Although class is open to all levels, understand that you are constantly moving for 45-60 minutes. It can be very intense on the joints and cardiovascularly. Please go at your own pace, or work your way up into these classes by taking BEGINNER SPIN.

  • SPIN N CORE - Ride hard with Monica for 30 minutes and finish your cardio workout with 30 minutes of core strengthening exercises!

  • SPIN N TRX - Join us for the ultimate full body class with 30 minutes of heart pumping spinning, followed by 30 minutes of suspension circuits.

  • TRX CIRCUITS - Born in the U.S. Navy SEALs, Suspension Training® is a revolutionary method of leveraged body weight exercise. Safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, and prevent injuries, all at the intensity you choose.

  • KETTLEBELLS - Basic Bells allows athletes of all levels learn proper for various ways to use a kettlebell, including 1 and 2 handed swings, high pulls, cleaning, snatching and more. Although we call this class "basic", we are progressively teaching new skills with the kettlebells, so you are constantly getting stronger and growing your kettlebell skillset. It is highly recommended to continue attending Basic Bells classes past your initial 5 classes to grow and gain more experience. ***You must take at least 5 Basic Bells classes before taking TabataBells.

  • TABATABELLS - TabataBells is a fast paced, fun and dynamic way to lift weights, burn calories, and gain strength in just 30 minutes. Coach Scott changes it up often by adding in other equipment and creating innovative ways to lift and move.

  • STRENGTH TRAINING AND CONDITIONING - Learn how to properly perform basic movements with various equipment. Expect to progress through from body weight to dumbbells and kettlebells to eventually barbell training. *** This is a prerequisite to Advanced Strength. Must receive approval from Master Joanna or Coach Craig to participate.

  • RESTORATIVE YOGA - Join Yogi Bob and Master J for a restorative yoga stretching session. If you've never tried yoga before, this is the class to try! You'll be stretching muscles that you're constantly working at the gym while working on breathing through your movements with control and balance. All levels are welcome!

  • SGT TRAINING - SGT is Small Group Training - a great and affordable way to get a more focused and personalized experience without buying a personal training package, or paying a standard personal training fee. Extra fees apply, and this is not included in the 16WC membership.


Please see the attached form - complete and hand in to our child care providers for their knowledge about your family and their needs.

CHILD CARE HOURS - Mon - Fri 8a-12p, Mon - Thurs 430p-830p, Fri 430p-730p, Sat 8a-11a, Sun 9a-1130a

Child Care reservations must be made in advance for everyone’s safety. Members are allowed to bring up to 4 children for a maximum of 90 minutes total per day. Purchase your child care pass here for total monthly access by clicking the link below and scrolling to the bottom of the page.


Outside Items - Your child is welcome to bring a toy/book/activity with them if they choose, provided that any toy/book/activity comply with the health and safety regulations below. Please note and be fully aware that Palangi Kickboxing, Childcare Specialists, all employees, volunteers, and members are NOT responsible for anything lost or stolen. It is solely you and your child's responsibility. If items must be brought into the facility, proper labeling is highly recommended.

Health and Safety - The Childcare Specialist(s) reserves the right to deny access to any child who appears to be sick. Children kept home from school or camp due to illness are not allowed in the childcare area. Children must have shoes on at all times. The following items are not permitted in the childcare area: Sharp or pointy objects, items small enough to be a choking hazard, glass items, plastic bags, markers not provided by the facility.

Food and Beverages - No food is permitted in the childcare area; however, beverages are permitted and must be in non-spill containers.

Behavior - Parents or guardians will be notified of any child’s misbehavior. The Childcare Specialists reserve the right to deny access to any child as a result of continual behavior problems, and is in the sole discretion of the Childcare Specialists. If a crying child cannot be consoled after 10-15 minutes, the parent or guardian will be notified.