Take Control Back

Today started as "one of those days". I had a terrible night's sleep and I was simply exhausted this morning. I woke up a little late (nothing new) and the first thing I thought was, "today is going to be a long day." Wednesday's are my 13 hour days, and I'm a little short handed this week <--- excuses. Right away, I set myself up for a crappy day. I made my shake and grabbed some coffee, got in the car, and gave myself a pep talk. Not quite a Stuart Smalley convo, but a get-your-shit-together convo, and I put a smile on my tired ass looking face and went to spin. 

I taught my first class of the day, sweat my butt off, and am about to dynamically teach #2. I have to be an adult and get stuff done today, and I'm going to be productive no matter what it takes. I could let my work wait until tomorrow or even nap, but I'm going to honor my word over my mood. I could easily do nothing, but what will that do? It will leave me feeling like shit AND nothing will be done. There's no time for a pity party; only time for productivity. Have you ever felt this way? Do you feel this way right now? Find out why. Literally ask yourself, and find a way to change whatever it is and make it right. Take control back. "There's only one thing you can control in life: your own effort."