My Personal Goals

After several years of training consistently (training hard daily, 100 or so races of various lengths and styles, good and bad dieting), I decided to take off a couple months. Yes, months. I was not completely inactive (I could never be), but I didn't sign up for races and I really didn't have a training plan. I gave myself the deadline of Aug 1st, which is 27 days before a 10k, 6 weeks before a wedding in Vegas, and 9 weeks before a half mudder. My goal is not only to get back "in shape", but to reinvent this chapter in my journey towards living happy and loving my life. Essentially we are all striving for a broad idea of happiness, and for each of us, the definition varies greatly, but ultimately, it's a balance between the things we want to do and the things we should do. I talked about this in my opening blog. This list is really going to be a mix of everything I'd like to do by the end of 2016. 

  1. Continue BJJ training, and compete in my first comp by Dec 2016 (eek!)
  2. Add Kickboxing and Kettlebells back into my regular routine
  3. Run no more than 8 miles a week - add sprints
  4. No more processed sugar or gluten - I know I feel better without it
  5. Continue my search for an artistic outlet/hobby - photo. drawing, pottery, painting, writing or jewelry making to name a few options
  6. Walk Jax daily, and run him 2x a week, even if it's not that long
  7. Be with my family more often
  8. Lay off social media
  9. Get in bed no later than 10, lights out 11
  10. Stop aiming for perfection, and stop sabotaging my lack there of
  11. Continue lifting regularly and slowly adding weight
  12. Yoga and mediation each morning
  13. Continue rehabbing and strengthening my past injuries
  14. Recommit to my students and my gym, and continue building a community of trust and encouragement 

We are completing A$$ in Gear August goal sheets at Palangi. I always tell my students that short term measurable goals will equal our long term desires. In efforts to get to the above, I have the following goals for August: 

  1. Run no more than 8 miles a week - add sprints
  2. Walk Jax daily, and run him 2x a week, even if it's not that long
  3. Draw when I feel inspired
  4. Yoga/mediation daily
  5. hip rehab 2x week
  6. push, pull, hinge, squat, loaded carry, sprint

This is plenty to start with. Please reach out if you have any questions or need guidance. 

PLH - Jo