I've debated writing a blog about my JOurney for quite some time now. My students hear enough from me in the gym, on social media, and some of them even hear my voice in their heads (poor souls). I've decided it's time to put it all down "on paper". What will "it" all be about? Every and anything going on in my life. Owning a business, being a coach, a wife, a human being, my puppy and adventures, lessons I'm learning as I go, pearls of wisdom I take in (I heard a good one today actually), places I travel, and of course, my faults, my mistakes, my breakdowns. As my students hear often, it is those breakdowns that are so crucial to our breakthroughs. Without completely "loosing it" and allowing ourselves to "fall apart" with truth and raw emotion, we won't be able to pick up the pieces, start over, and take a different step, in a hopefully better direction. 

What this blog will definitely not be about: politics, religion, sexual orientation, judgement or "my agenda". Are you a genuinely good, societally productive human being, living a life you love, and happy with your decisions? Then I support you and am genuinely happy that you have found your path in life. 

Earlier today, I was talking about anxieties, control, or lack there of, and I was given a great analogy for control, which I will try my best to repeat (you'll learn my short term memory sucks - maybe writing this blog will help!): we only control half of our lives. We cannot control what others do, say or think, the past or the future, the economy, or if the Yankees win.....but we can control the other half, which is our thoughts and actions in the present. Take your thoughts and actions and physically put them in your hands. Look down. In the left hand, we have the things we really want to do right now, but we know we shouldn't (watch tv instead of doing our chores, go to the beach instead of going to work). In the right hand, we have the things we know we should do, but we don't want to do (doing our chores instead of watching tv). All we have is the present moment. If we do the right thing in the moment, it saves us from a future of angst, guilt and uneasiness, and gives us harmony and peace. I call this honoring our word rather than our mood. The more we practice this, the better we feel as a whole.

I thank you for reading this far and I thank you in advance if you happen to check back one day in the future. 

One of my favorite quotes on the wall of my gym. 

One of my favorite quotes on the wall of my gym.